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the dream goes on...

A profound upgrade for the best known Audel product in the world.

Nika is not just a choice! Nika is a philosophy of listening, a primary thought, Nike is Audel!

Nika mk2

Art applied to sound

New bamboo driver

The choice of full-range to guarantee fluidity,

timbric consistency and linearity throughout the range.

The research for the finest driver to ensure maximum emotions!

Nika is a tiny speaker with a great sound dimension!

Low-range and high-range transparency make Nika a Highend product that can not easily be surpassed by competitors,  when considering the exact size

Innovation and tradition

a musical heart!

Technology and design for the creation of an inimitable product. In just 3 liters, an acoustic labyrinth of 58 cm ensures the cancellation of stationary waves and internal resonance phenomena.

A notch filter guarantees the extreme linearity of performance in the entire sound range!

the style of simplicity

the ideal product to enter the audel world

Elegance and style to excite beyond all expectations.
We have taken care of every aspect, from the sound
to the finishing of the details

Nika is a versatile solution, ideal for small rooms and extremely easy to place.

Very simple to drive, nika can be combined with small class D amplifiers, but even the combination with a tube amplifier is perfect

SYSTEM: Fullrange labyrint loudspeaker

• CABINET: Multipanel System – Structure laminated birch wood

• Fullrange driver: 3” ALUM/MG CONE WITH SANTOPRENE SURROUND, extended frequency response

• FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 60 Hz – 20.000 Hz, tuning ports included




• FINISH: Birch cabinet – Ebony cover – beeswax surfaces

• DIMENSIONS: 132 x 210 x 198 mm (HxWxD).

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