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Takko wood

Ergonomic and floor-saving universal underlay 

From now on, moving your crates without damaging your floor is no longer a problem! Our universal underlays are designed to guarantee perfect positioning and optimize the vertical discharge with the best damping and anti-vibration solution.

Positioning is a breeze!

Visible and ergonomic ...

Thanks to its teardrop shape, and the shape that improves its grip, Takko allows a comfortable positioning under the tip. Just turn the bases outwards to maintain their visibility during the movement. So you can be sure that your floor is protected at all times.

an assembled of technology

1• Save Floor

2 • ergonomic

3 • anti-vibration

4 • elegant

takko data.png
takko esploso2.png

base "avio"

Disco in alluminio

disco in feltro

anello teflon

• Centrifuged aluminum disc diameter 30mm height 7mm to convey the load in a punctiform way and reduce the surface useful for the transmission of vibrations.

• Base in "avio" birch plywood composed of 16 micro foil of 0.5mm superimposed and crossed solid wood to guarantee the maximum stiffness of support, linearity and equivalence of elastic response.

The multilayer, unlike solid wood, guarantees a homogeneous and identical behavior on all the discharge points


• 3mm Teflon ring designed to maintain a rigid contact and to facilitate the sliding of the acoustic box

• 3.5mm felt disc, guarantees a friction opposition to slipping in order not to consent an easy movement of the loud speakers while in use

Takko...a useful and precious gift

...with an elegant packaging!

an innovative and universal product, it can be used on all floor boxes with metal conical tips. Takko is an indispensable gift item for your HiFi system.

Give yourself and others a Takko ... guaranteed success!

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